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      Volume , No. 8 | 2023
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      • ZHANG Baoqing,FENG Mingming,ZHANG Yifei,SONG Aimin

        2023(8):965-970, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2022163


        Terahertz(THz) Surface Plasmons Polaritons(SPPs) can mimic optical Surface Plasmons(SPs) and obtain similar optical properties with periodic sub-wavelength structures, which typically consist of propagating SPPs and Localized Surface Plasmons(LSPs). In this work, graphene is utilized as the active stimuli to dynamically control the amplitude, frequency, and phase of SPPs and reconfigure the resonant modes of LSPs at various bias voltages. Such design provides new solutions for active control of SPPs and LSPs at THz frequencies.

      • CAO Xiangchun,HAO Jianhong,ZHAO Qiang,ZHANG Fang,FAN Jieqing,DONG Zhiwei

        2023(8):971-976, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2022188


        The scattering and absorption of raindrops will seriously increase the transmission loss of terahertz waves in the earth-space links and reduce the performance of wireless communications. In order to realize the transmission application of terahertz waves in the earth-space links, it is necessary to deeply study the transmission characteristics of terahertz waves in the rainfall environment. In this paper, the original rain attenuation model is further modified, and the influence of rainfall rate on terahertz wave transmission over the earth-space links is analyzed based on Mie theory. The calculation results are compared with that of the original model, and it shows that, in the whole terahertz bands, the rain attenuation loss increases with the increase of rainfall rate, and increases first and then decreases with the increase of frequency. There exists less rain attenuation loss in the high-frequency terahertz bands than in 0.1~1 THz bands. When the frequency exceeds 1 THz, the closer the atmospheric window is to 10 THz, the smaller the loss will be, and it will have more advantages in wireless communication transmission in rainy weather environment. The lower the frequency, the greater the zenith angle, and the difference of the rain attenuation model before and after modification will be more obvious.

      • LYU Mingyang,REN Jiaojiao,ZHANG Dandan,GU Jian,LI Lijuan,ZHANG Jiyang

        2023(8):977-984, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2022169


        The special-shaped surface components are widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields, and their bonding quality has become an important factor affecting work safety. With its unique physical characteristics, terahertz technology is almost the only means to detect the bonding quality of Polymethaerylimide(PMI) materials. The curvatures of the upper and lower surfaces of the special-shaped surface components are inconsistent, which makes it impossible to accurately judge the bonding quality of the special-shaped surface components when only the upper surface is used as the reference surface for path planning. To tackle this problem, metal sheets of different shapes on the lower surface are fixed to simulate the defects in the bonding layer. Taking the upper and lower surfaces of the special-shaped curved surface components as the benchmark surfaces respectively, the robotic terahertz time-domain spectrum detection system is employed for detection. The terahertz imaging results of the two detection methods are compared and analyzed. The results show that when the lower surface is used as the benchmark surface for detection, the signal to noise ratios at area II and III are improved by 12.09 dB and 10.39 dB than that when the upper surface is the benchmark surface; the ratios of the actual detection area to the theoretical area of the metal sheet at area II and III are improved by 55.97% and 80.81% than that when the upper surface is used as the benchmark surface for detection. This better meets the detection requirements of special-shaped curved surface components. This work will promote the application of terahertz imaging in practice and provide a basis for further research in related fields.

      • TANG Yuanchun,CHEN Duanyun,XIA Bingsen

        2023(8):985-991, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021118


        To address the problem of insufficient precision of existing single-satellite positioning techniques, a direct positioning method of interference source for satellite navigation system based on propagation operator is proposed. Firstly, the received signal of the satellite is modeled and the covariance matrix at each moment is calculated. After blocking the covariance matrix, the propagation operator is obtained to estimate the orthogonal projection subspace of the steering vector. Then the loss function can be established and the position of the interference source can be estimated by searching the loss function. Theoretical analysis and simulation results prove that the localization accuracy of the proposed method is comparable to that of the traditional Multiple Signal Classification(MUSIC)-based direct positioning algorithm, while the calculation complexity is greatly reduced. Meanwhile, the localization accuracy is much higher than that of the existing bearing-only localization techniques, which is valuable for practical engineering applications.

      • ZHOU Longjian,FU Song

        2023(8):992-996, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021218


        Computational time in indoor Ray Tracing(RT) would rise sharply if more reflections are considered. The upper limit value of reflection number is the key to the efficiency of indoor RT. However, the convergence of reflection in indoor RT has not been clearly discussed yet. A convergence analysis of RT based on statistically studying digital data of indoor scenario is presented aiming to obtain the appropriate upper limit value of reflection number to improve the efficiency of RT without losing accuracy. Convergence study focuses on the distribution of indoor scene, derives the probabilities and the power of different reflection paths, and finally finds out the convergence result of the power of receiver and the upper limit value of reflection number. The comparisons with RT simulation show that the convergence of this model is consistent with that of RT simulation under the same computational accuracy and this study is feasible to improve the efficiency of RT.

      • LI Fei,SHEN Hongtao,SHI Lun,WANG Hongxi,GAO Bo

        2023(8):997-1001, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021250


        Power line carrier communication is a new effective communication method for a wide range of Device to Device(D2D) data exchange and communication applications, which bears the advantages of free deployment and easy direct connection. However, due to the communication congestion or electric power interference, different kinds of failures are often caused in the actual system. An efficient recovery mechanism is necessary to ensure reliable data transmission. By introducing Multi-Protocol Label Switching(MPLS) technology, a novel power line carrier communication distinguishable fault recovery algorithm, Diff-RECV, is proposed. While considering different survivability Quality of Service(QoS) requirements, by combining protection and recovery mechanism with multipath recovery mechanism, differentiated traffic protection and recovery are realized. The proposed Diff-RECV algorithm is verified by experiments. The results show that it can not only recover 100% traffic, but also has higher recovery speed than spread method.

      • SHEN Hongtao,LI Fei,SHI Lun,WANG Hongxi,GAO Bo

        2023(8):1002-1006, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021193


        Power line carrier communication technology utilizes existing power transmission networks for data transmission, which has the characteristics of low construction cost, fast and flexible deployment, and is widely used in local communication in local area networks. However, when the number of nodes is too large or the acquisition frequency is too high, each node will transmit data to the root node alone, which will bring huge amount of data to the entire communication system, and reduce the communication efficiency, affecting the real-time monitoring of the photovoltaic system. For this reason, aiming at the huge amount of data generated in the process of power line carrier communication, a data fusion algorithm of power line carrier communication based on minimum spanning tree transmission path is proposed to reduce the amount of transmission data and save the communication transmission resources, thus enhancing the transmission capacity of power line carrier access network. Finally, the proposed algorithm is proved to be effective by comparing the amount of data brought about by the fusion algorithm and the non-fusion algorithm.

      • SHI Weichun,WANG Hongjian

        2023(8):1007-1013, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021101


        A broadband high-gain low-profile antenna based on gradient size metasurface is proposed. The antenna is composed of a double-layer metasurface and a layer of microstrip slot. The double-layer metasurface is composed of gradient size hexagonal array patches printed on two dielectric plates respectively. There are non-equidistant gaps between these patches. This gradient design of the metasurface unit size can generate multiple adjacent resonance points to broaden the bandwidth. The antenna's bandwidth radiation characteristics are analyzed by changing the size and structure of the metasurface antenna. In order to obtain the best broadband performance, genetic algorithms are employed to optimize the antenna geometric parameters. To verify the simulation results, a sample antenna with a side length of 43.3 mm and a thickness of 4.853 mm is fabricated and tested. The actual measurement results show that the -10 dB impedance bandwidth of the antenna reaches 54% (3.99~6.93 GHz), the highest gain reaches 12.05 dB, and the gain remains above 8 dB in 4~6 GHz range. Therefore, the antenna realizes the characteristics of wide frequency band, high gain and low profile, and can be applied to many fields of wireless communication.

      • GE Mengfei,LI Zhaoxu,LIU Jiaxin,WANG Hongwei,WANG Jia

        2023(8):1014-1021, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021094


        Breast cancer is the first malignant tumor in women worldwide. Studying on breast cancer diagnosis and prediction methods based on neural network models is to combine clinical and machine learning to help medical workers more quickly and accurately determine the disease or not, and solve the problems of over-fitting, missed diagnosis rate and high misdiagnosis rate in existing models, and improve the accuracy of prediction models. The University of California Irvine(UCI) data set contains 669 samples, including 357 benign samples and 212 malignant tumor samples, a total of 10 features to train the prediction model. The 10 neural network models are combined through Adaboost method, that is, multiple weak classifiers are combined by Adaboost algorithm to form a strong classifier. The final output is an integrated prediction model with higher accuracy, stronger self-learning ability, adaptive ability and excellent generalization performance. The conclusion shows that the prediction accuracy of the model is 98.550 7%, and the Accuracy(AUC) is 0.996 6, which indicates that the established model is very stable, and has good discrimination and good verification effects. It provides further technical support and guarantee for clinical application.

      • SONG Jiale,WAN Xianrong,ZHANG Xun,YI Jianxin,ZHAN Weijie

        2023(8):1022-1030, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021102


        Digital terrestrial Television Multimedia Broadcasting-Advanced(DTMB-A), is a new type of illuminator of opportunity for passive radars, which has broad bandwidth and excellent adaptability against multipath effect. In this paper, DTMB-A signal Ambiguity Function(AF) is concluded and the mechanism of intra-frame and inter-frame ambiguity peaks is researched by theoretical derivation and simulation verification. The analysis shows that the period deterministic frame structure(the synchronization channel and guard interval) is the main factor that causes the ambiguity sub-peaks. Therefore, a DTMB-A signal ambiguity functions suppression method is proposed by using non-uniform sampling, which has low computational complexity and is convenient for parallel computing. Simulation results show that this method can suppress DTMB-A signal Ambiguity Functions into almost ideal thumbtack shape effectively, which is the foundation of detecting target on DTMB-A passive radar.

      • ZHU Yinfei,CHANG Sijie,LI Peng

        2023(8):1031-1036, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021171


        Aiming at the problem of noise reduction of gas leakage acoustic signals, a method combining ensemble Wavelet Packet Analysis(WPA) and Variational Mode Decomposition(VMD) was proposed to de-noise the collected gas leakage acoustic signals. Firstly, the wavelet packet transform is employed to preprocess the noise of the signal. Then, the de-noised signal was decomposed by VMD to obtain all the Intrinsic Mode Function(IMF) components, and the effective IMF was judged according to the correlation coefficient criterion. Finally, the active components were extracted and the signal was reconstructed. The experimental results show that the above method can effectively eliminate all kinds of noises contained in the gas leakage signal. After noise reduction, the SNR is 15.485 1, and the root mean square error is 0.028, which reduces the interference for the subsequent signal analysis. The above method provides a new idea for the feature extraction and analysis of gas leakage acoustic signal.

      • BAI Lan,WEI Renle,GUO Zhengwei,ZHAO Jianhui,LI Ning

        2023(8):1037-1042, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021142


        In view of the problem of low computational efficiency in multi-mode Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) imaging processing, a parallel acceleration method is proposed for multi-mode SAR imaging based on Graphic Processing Unit(GPU). In order to make full use of GPU's memory resources and improve the efficiency of the algorithm, in the parallel computing part of the algorithm, the large-scale data parallel is carried out in the matrix transposition and matrix multiplication by using shared memory. The experimental results show that the algorithm greatly improves the efficiency of multi-mode SAR imaging, and the maximum acceleration ratio reaches 55.62, which solves the problem of low utilization of GPU.

      • LIU Sheng,HOU Yulong,ZHANG Huixin,GUO Xiaoye,KANG Dingwei

        2023(8):1043-1048, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021069


        There is an urgent need for an online monitoring system that is of trace-level measurement, fast response, precise positioning and being easy to install, because it is difficult to measure small leaks in irregular, complex and narrow spaces. An online monitoring system is designed in this paper. The total node uses XC6SLX16-3CSG324I as the main control chip, and the child nodes use STM32F103C8T6 as the main control chip in the hardware circuit. Microelectro Mechanical Systems(MEMS) metal oxide sensors Ccs811, Bmp180, and Si7021 constitute the data acquisition circuit which adopts flexible circuits technology to adapt to small space placement and easy monitoring. The tested leaking working fluid can be pure gas or liquid working fluid containing some volatile substances. Experimental results show that the system can achieve non-contact measurement, fast sensing, and precise positioning. And the gas concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) can be measured below 100 ppb, realizing the trace level measurement.

      • ZHANG Weixin,LIU Jialin,YAN Peng

        2023(8):1049-1053, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021104


        Considering the limited storage, computing, and communication resources of smart terminals of the power Internet of Things, most of the existing operation management algorithms focus on reducing power consumption of nodes, which limits the security and anti-capture performance of terminals. For ensuring the performance of terminal nodes in the power Internet of Things, while improving the ability to resist physical capture attack, a lightweight key management scheme is proposed. Firstly, the central control area is increased through the deployment of concentrator nodes, forming a new two-tier grid deployment model. Then based on the new structure, a two-stage key information distribution algorithm is proposed. In each stage, the security threshold of the Blom matrix space is set according to the number of nodes in each sub-area, and greatly improves the connectivity and anti-capture performance of the cyber network. The simulation proves that when the proportion of captured terminals is 5.5%, the failure probability of communication link in the proposed scheme can be reduced by 63% and 68%, respectively, compared with those of the t-UKP scheme and the SPECC scheme.

      • WU Jiasheng,CAI Daomin

        2023(8):1054-1058, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2023014


        Based on the 0.25 μm SiC substrate GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor(HEMT) process, the final power device size is selected and its optimal impedance is determined by the Gmax and the unit output power density of the active device. The tertiary amplifier is adopted, and its gate width ratio is 1:4:16 to achieve high power gain and high efficiency. By using the equal-Q-matching technique,and integraing the bias circuit into the matching circuit, an impedance transformation is realized with simple, low loss and broadband. With the help of the extraction of parasitic parameters in electromagnetic fields, the compact chip is realized. The chip size of the Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit(MMIC) amplifier is 2.8 mm×2.0 mm. The test results show that in the 2~6 GHz frequency range, and under the conditions of the drain voltage of 28 V, the gate voltage -2.2 V,and continuous wave, the large signal gain of the MMIC amplifier is greater than 24 dB, the saturation output power is greater than 43 dBm, and the Power Additional Efficiency(PAE) is greater than 45%. The proposed paver amplifier can be widely used in electronic countermeasures and electronic fence.

      • LYU Shengping,GENG Jiarong,ZHANG Hongda,CHEN Zhijie

        2023(8):1059-1064, DOI: 10.11805/TKYDA2021159


        The Digital Low Drop-Out(DLDO) regulators are widely used because it can operate at low supply voltage. In the DLDO regulators, the Analog-Digital-Converter and shift register are employed to regulate the voltage. However, when the load has a transient voltage change, it will be stabilized for a long time. In addition, in the PI control system, the circuit with a large integral coefficient has a short setup time, but overshoot will occur before the output is stable. Although the output of the model with a small integration coefficient can be directly stabilized, the setup time is too long. A high-speed adjustable circuit model is proposed, using a voltage sensor and a Time Digital Converter(TDC), and adding two kinds of integrators with different integral coefficients into the circuit. Firstly, the voltage sensor and Time Digital Conversion Technology(TDCT) are utilized to realize the analog-to-digital conversion to obtain the digital signal. When judging the error of digital signal compared with the reference voltage to be large, the control circuit chooses large integral coefficient to output to PI control. When the error is small, the control circuit chooses small integral coefficient, so that the circuit can combine the advantages of the circuits with different integral coefficients to shorten the circuit setup time and the stabilization time at the same time.

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        • LIN Jia-sen,LI Zhi,LI Qiao-feng,MA Yi-sen

          2012,10(1):22-26, Doi:


          Effective choice of the solution is essential to achieve a real-time, bi-directional(full- duplex) communication of the smart grid. The Power Line Carrier(PLC) technology provides a low-cost solution, which suits China's own national conditions. In this paper, the advantages of OFDM PLC modulation technology are introduced. A PLC module of system model is established through the analysis of the input impedance under the low-voltage power line channel. The high-speed PLC module based on low-voltage Power Line is also designed according to the studies of power line channel. The results show that the design of the PLC module has featured high receiving sensitivity and anti-noise ability.

        • WANG Yi,LIAO Xiao-ju,PAN Ze-you

          2011,9(1):7-11, Doi:


          With the development of Internet applications, users’ demand for bandwidth is soaring sharply. Meanwhile,along with the development of broadband access technology, the endpoint can also adopt multiple network accesses. But due to one-way communication of traditional Transmission Control Protocol(TCP),the waste of resources will exist. To this end,IETF has specifically proposed Multi-Path TCP(MPTCP) to implement TCP multiplexing,thereby enhancing the efficiency and robustness. This paper gives a review of the IETF’s research on MPTCP,including MPTCP architecture, routing and congestion control, aiming to provide a reference for deeply studying.

        • WANG Xiao-xia,CHEN Lian,LI Xin-yao

          2010,8(5):569-572, Doi:


          Traditional methods and instruments are not able to measure the true Root Mean Square(RMS) of distortion sine wave or non-sine signal accurately. This article introduces a method to measure the true RMS of any high frequency signal by using the true RMS measurement IC,AD536A,designed by AD corporation. The paper analyses the difference between the RMS measured by the average measure method and the true RMS in theory. It explains the disadvantages of current RMS measure method,and presents the design of true RMS measure circuit. The experiment results prove that the proposed method and circuit can measure the true RMS of any high frequency signal accurately.

        • JIANG Xiao-guo,YANG Xing-lin,LI Hong,WEN Long,SHI Jin-shui,ZHANG Kai-zhi,LI Jing,WANG Yuan

          2010,8(5):573-576, Doi:


          The requirements for micro stress measurement of strain gauge are high precision,high linearity,high stability and high gain. One kind of differential amplifier circuit with excellent performance was designed. Some skillful techniques were adopted to avoid common voltage in the circuit and to reduce the temperature drift. The gain linearity is about 0.01%,and its Common-Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR) is about 129 dB under work conditions.

        • XIAO Yong-jian,XIAO Li,SUN Zhi-gang

          2013,11(4):583-587, Doi:


          Aiming at the problems in existing underground personnel positioning systems, an assisted positioning method based on pedestrian dead reckoning is proposed. Low-cost Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU) and magnetometer are employed to constitute a stable Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS). The theory of inertial navigation is utilized, an algorithm for step detection is described, and Zero velocity Update(ZUPT) is adopted for velocity and position estimation to compose a pedestrian dead reckoning system. An experiment is performed in the corridor of a laboratory building to emulate the underground mine road environment. The experimental results demonstrate that the dead reckoning performs well and this method is an effective complement to existing underground positioning by improving the positioning accuracy.

        • WANG Bo,ZHANG Yan

          2015,13(1):1-12, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0001


          Terahertz(THz) optoelectronics has promoted the development of the THz generation, transparent control, and detection methods,and hastened many devices in the past decades. Especially, THz metamaterials and metasurfaces will exhibit extraordinary electromagnetic response when the subwavelength scale metal structure is excited by the THz illumination. Therefore, they have been applied to the devices such as wave beam shaper, waveguide, and modulator etc. The THz metamaterials and metasurfaces also show the potential applications in the research fields such as sensors, communications, and radars. In this paper, the works about the spectrum and wavefront modulation with THz metadevices carried out in our group are summarized. The basic theory and corresponding experiment results for different devices are introduced. It is expected these works can pave the avenue of the application of the THz metadevices.

        • LI Mo,SUN Peng,SONG Yu,DAI Gang,ZHANG Jiana

          2015,13(1):160-168, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0160


          According to the requirements of safe, simple and nondestructive radiation effect investigation of semiconductor devices, the method of laser simulation was proposed and greatly promoted. Compared with large-scale facilities, laser simulation has various unique advantages. It helps understand the ionization radiation effect in depth and is an effective low-cost, table-top supplement for the hardness assurance. Its research shows great significance for radiation effect study in both theory and practice. In this paper, the basic principles of the interactions of γ and laser with semiconductor devices are firstly presented. Then the physical basics and characteristics of laser simulation are given, with the research progress review followed. The existing problems of current research are deeply discussed providing with feasible research approaches. In the end, necessary research contents in the future are proposed.

        • JIANG Xiao-ping,LI Zhong-jie,YU Xiao-feng

          2010,8(4):451-454, Doi:


          Radio Frequency IDentification(RFID) series Radio Frequency(RF) card has been applied widely because of its stability,reliability and easy operation features. Aiming at multiple protocols,such as ISO14443 protocol,ISO15693 protocol and Tag-it protocol,this study proposed a new type of circuit design based on Advanced RISC Machine(ARM) for the RFID series RF card reader. The data stream encryption was implemented by using peripheral device in the operation. The system composition,working principle and work flow were introduced. Then,the detailed circuit design of the RF network and encryption hardware were presented,and the test and analysis for the design were performed. The results showed that the circuit could accurately read, write and encrypt various types of card within effective range.

        • ZHOU Tian,YUE Yantao,XU Guanxiong,ZHANG Yangyang,JI Chunlin

          2015,13(1):76-79, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0076


          Ultra-wideband(UWB) communication shows its advantages of fast data transfer(100 Mb/s or above) in a relatively short distance(typically below 10 m) with relatively weak power consumption (energy spectrum below -41.3 dBm/MHz). Integrated with Multiple Input Multiple Output(MIMO) technology, channel capacity could be further enhanced. As a critical link in the ultrawideband communication,UWB antenna needs extra efforts in design optimization to boost the performance of the whole system. UWB antenna is defined as the antenna whose bandwidth exceeds 500 MHz or relative bandwidth greater than 20%. This paper takes the most representative Vivaldi antenna as a show case for multi-objective optimization design with statistical methods. The optimized miniaturized antenna(sized130 mm×100 mm) shows a -10 dB bandwidth of 2.4 GHz. The design method provides guidance in common wideband,multi-parameter antenna design.

        • ZHANG Lidong,DAI Zuoxing

          2015,13(1):31-34, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0031


          The background requirements of the fuze antenna in terahertz spectrum as well as its advantages and disadvantages are introduced. The working principles and application characteristics of dielectric lens antenna in terahertz frequency are analyzed in order to implement the terahertz fuze antenna. The longitudinal size of H plane horn antenna can be reduced effectively by using fuze antenna formed by an H plane horn with dielectric lens antenna. The terahertz fuze antenna with different beam angles is achieved by focal technology of lens. The feasibility of the technology solution is verified through simulation.

        • HE Xiao-dong,DING Li

          2010,8(3):313-317, Doi:


          High-speed data acquisition system is an important component in modern radar signal processing. A design of high-speed data acquisition system based on band-pass sampling was presented and applied to the signal processing of wideband receiver. The Virtex Series FPGA was used as the main platform to control the high-speed ADC08D1000 for completing data acquisition, transmission,storage and signal processing. High-speed First Input First Output(FIFOs) were selected as the storage devices to implement data rate conversion. The system realized the software and hardware design,and test results verified the feasibility of the solution.

        • XU Ping,QING Lin-bo,HE Xiao-hai,YANG Chao,XU Guang-hui

          2010,8(1):67-70, Doi:


          The implementation of TCP/IP protocol stack on TM320DM642 platform could provide technological support for the application of multimedia embedded systems to networks. Both the function of TM320DM642 chip and the hierarchical structure of LWIP(Light Weight Internet Protocol) were analyzed. Network communications for TM320DM642 systems were implemented by the transplantation of LWIP, not by a solution scheme of NDK(Network Developer’s Kit). Testing examples verified the effectiveness of the LWIP transplanted method.

        • WANG Peng,YANG Chun,WEN Zhao-Jin

          2010,8(3):247-250, Doi:


          This article introduces a new type of high speed,multi-modulated digital modulator with adjustable center frequency and bit rate features. It can realize the Quadrature Phase Shift Keying(QPSK) and 16QAM(Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) with 80 MHz center frequency and 7.936 5 MHz bandwidth. The general-purpose modulation arithmetic based on software radio,symbol mapping and the realization of pulse shaping filter are discussed. The measuring results demonstrate that the modulation scheme meets the requirements of practicability and general utilization.

        • MIAO Jiang-hong,MA Guo-ning,HE Yu-dong,YIN Liang

          2010,8(6):647-651, Doi:


          The design of code tracking loop is a key sector of the realization of noncoherent spectrum spread receiver. In order to realize the code tracking in noncoherent spectrum spread receiver, an energy-normalization digital delay-locked loop was designed, the structure of the loop and the calculating procedure of loop parameters were introduced. The characteristic of noncoherent spectrum spread was analyzed first,and then the key point of the loop design was pointed out. Based on this, the design and realization methods of code loop discriminator, loop filter, early and lag code generator were expatiated. A set of specific loop parameters were introduced as well. Modelsim simulation results and FPGA actual measured data prove the precise code tracking ability of the design.

        • JIA Zhuo,LIU Hao,DENG Yifeng,DENG Hong

          2015,13(1):174-178, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0174


          The Spatial Light Modulation(SLM) technology has been widely applied to the fields of threshold switch, high speed optical interconnection and optical logic operations, which demands good performance on the real-time and fast optical signal addressing. Compared with Electro-Addressing SLM(EA-SLM), Optically-Addressing SLM(OA-SLM) shows great advantages of fast speed and high resolution by parallel addressing. Nevertheless, how to achieve fast and stable optically addressing is the key point in practice. Based on ZnO thin film as a photoconductive layer, Liquid Crystal OASLM(LC-OASLM) is designed and fabricated; the modulation of the readout light intensity and phase distribution in the two-dimensional space is achieved effectively.

        • ZHOU Xiao-qing,LI He-sheng,TAO Rong-hui,CAI Ying-wu

          2010,8(2):211-214, Doi:


          The application of CORDIC(COordinate Rotation DIgital Computing) arithmetic in solving transcendental function has become popular in modern engineering. A brief introduction of CORDIC arithmetic was given in this study. Taking the hyperbolic sine and cosine functions as examples, the method of realizing the arithmetic in FPGA was presented and simulated on ISE(Integrated Software Environment) platform. The result showed this arithmetic was of good precision and instantaneity because of using pipeline. This arithmetic has great practical value in some applications. In addition, a curve of the relationship between the iterative number and the error obtained by the Matlab simulation of the arithmetic can help designers planning the number of iterations for practical applications.

        • ZOU Xiang,QIN Linbo,HE Xiaohai,ZHANG Yuqiang,XU Shunfei

          2015,13(1):111-117, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0111


          The corresponding solutions are proposed to tackle with the disadvantages of conventional oilfield Geographic Information System(GIS), including inconvenience of Client/Server(C/S) mode operation and maintenance, being unable to perform real-time online Point of Interest(POI) rendering, being incapable of segmentation and location according to regions, etc. An oilfield information query system of Browser/Serve(B/S) framework based on AJAX+JSON+HTML5 is designed and implemented. Experimental results show that the POI real-time rendering and regional segmentation improve on their interactivities, and the experiences of users are enriched, which meets the actual requirements of oilfield development. This work has paved the way for the development of diversified network services.

        • XU Lei,TU Xuecou,WAN Chao,PEI Yufeng,KANG Lin,WU Peiheng

          2015,13(1):27-30, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0027


          A detector can achieve quick response when it is much smaller than the wavelength of the source signal in THz wave band at the expense of signal coupling capability.Therefore, an antenna is applied to collect signals in order to enhance the signal coupling capability of the detector.The properties of antenna determine the frequency response band,the sensitivity and other parameters of the detector directly. A planar-integrated antenna is adopted for signal acquisition in the Nb5N6 microbolometer detector, which is fabricated by lithography,lift-off and other processes of micro-fabrication. The Nb5N6 microbolometer is placed in the center of the planar antenna. Aiming for the center frequency of 0.32 THz, a special capacitive coupling design is proposed to improve the signal coupling capability.

        • LUO Ya,LIAO Qingmin,WANG Desheng

          2015,13(1):35-39, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0035


          A double gate setting with priority of Doppler velocity and the Extended Kalman Filter(EKF) based Multiple Hypothesis Tracking(MHT) algorithm are proposed in order to realize Multiple Targets Tracking(MTT) in High Frequency(HF) ground-wave radar, and to effectively improve the performance of MTT by using the Doppler measurement. In the EKF based MHT, parameters obtained in the EKF are adopted directly to calculate the probability of each hypothesis. A simulation scene is built, and the EKF based MHT algorithm is compared with the one which assumes that the Doppler measurement is independent from the radius measurement. Simulation results show that the double gate setting helps induce number of clutter, and the EKF-based MHT algorithm is better than the other one under dense environments of HF ground-wave radar with stronger track-catching and false-alarm-filtering ability and higher efficiency.

        • ZHANG Hao,YANG Yuhong,XIN Gang,DU Sen

          2015,13(1):142-147, Doi: 10.11805/TKYDA201501.0142


          The single-channel blind separation of GMSK(Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying) mixing signals is researched. The GMSK mixing signals can not be separated by the Per-Survivor Processing (PSP) algorithm directly, therefore, linear approximation processing of the GMSK signal is considered, which enables GMSK signal to be separated by the PSP algorithm. This algorithm separates the GMSK mixing signals by maximum likelihood estimation in the joint space of the symbol sequential and the channel parameters, reserves the best path and outputs the symbol pairs to get the separated signals. Simulation results show that the bit error rate performance produced by the PSP algorithm on separating the GMSK mixing signals is slightly better than that produced by the particle filtering algorithm; and the complexity of the proposed PSP algorithm is much smaller.