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  • 1  Hough Transform and Its Application in Declining License Plate
    WANG Liang-hong WANG Jin-ling LIANG Yan-hua
    2004, 2(1).
    [Abstract](7102) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](48) [Cited by](16)
    A new usage of Hough Transform is introduced in this paper.Firstly,the position and scope of the license plate is located and the image that contains the license plate is picked up.Then, a two-stage Hough transform algorithm is applied to the image to cal
    2  A Forward Secure Strong Proxy Signature
    TAN Zuo-wen LIU Zhuo-jun
    2003, 1(4).
    [Abstract](6299) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](52) [Cited by](15)
    A forward secure strong proxy signature scheme is proposed on the basis of the proxy signature schemes and forward secure schemes.The security of the proposed scheme relies on the difficulty of solving discrete logarithm problems and the difficulty of com
    3  Simulation of Wavelet Denoising Based on MATLAB
    WU Wei CAI Pei-sheng
    2008, 6(3).
    [Abstract](7700) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](54) [Cited by](13)
    Wavelet denoising is an important application of wavelet analysis in engineering.The keys of wavelet denoising,namely how to select threshold and how to utilize the threshold to dispose wavelet coefficients,are introduced.Via the noised simulated signal e
    4  Influencing Factor Analysis of Bullet Penetrating Performance and Study on hard target smart Fuze Scheme
    QU Xin-fen SHANG Shun-chang YANG Qing
    2003, 1(3).
    [Abstract](6399) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](41) [Cited by](12)
    For completing the scheme of hard target smart fuze, several factors influencing the outputting acceleration of the high-G accelerometer such as target material, impact angle, impact velocity, the fixed position of accelerometer, carry plane etc., are put
    5  The Definition and Research Status of Environmental Factor
    HU Bin
    2003, 1(1).
    [Abstract](6598) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](44) [Cited by](12)
    Based on three generally accepted basic hypotheses, the definition of environmental factor and restricting conditions of constant failure mechanism are discussed.The research status and common study methods of environmental factor are reviewed. Finally, a
    6  A Survey of Blind Source Separation
    LI Mu-sen MAO Jian-qin
    2003, 1(1).
    [Abstract](6370) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](56) [Cited by](11)
    Blind source separation (BSS) is a recently developed methodology used to separate unknown source signals from their mixtures. It has been applied to many fields widely and effectively. The theory and two types of implementation methods-independent compon
    7  Digital Speckle Correlation and its Applications
    Li Ming;Zhang Jue;Wen MaoPing;Li JingMing;Hao Ying
    2005, 3(1)-39,80.
    [Abstract](5959) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](43) [Cited by](11)
    A technique of full field deformation measuring,i.e.Digital Speckle Correlation (DSC) is introduced in this paper.DSC is utilized to investigate the mechanical failure behaviors of plastic bonded explosive (PBX) with preset crack subjected to compressive
    8  An Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Maximal Variance Between-Class and Region Growing
    Zhang Ling;He Wei;Guo LeiMin;Chen LiMin
    2005, 3(2)-93,96.
    [Abstract](5448) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](45) [Cited by](11)
    A segmentation algorithm based on the technique of one-dimension maximal variance between-class and region growing method is proposed in this paper.Firstly,the method of one-dimension maximal variance between-class is used to obtain the optimal segmenting
    9  Analysis of Influence of Slot on Shielding Effectiveness
    XU Liang
    2008, 6(3).
    [Abstract](5490) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](58) [Cited by](9)
    10  Image Encryption Technology Based on DWT Domain
    Yin XianDong;Yao Jun;Tang Dan;Deng Jun;Ren KeYu
    2005, 3(1).
    [Abstract](5872) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](35) [Cited by](8)
    How to ensure the safety of digital image/video information is the difficulty and hotspot in the domain of information processing technology nowadays. In this paper,the discrete wavelet transform coefficient matrix is adjusted and scrambling transformed b
    11  Survey of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms
    GENG Yan ZHANG Duan-jin
    2008, 6(4).
    [Abstract](5686) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](59) [Cited by](8)
    On the basis of Least-Mean-Square(LMS) filtering and Recursive-Least-Square(RLS) filtering,the recently developed adaptive filtering algorithms such as the neural network approach,the QR decomposition approach,the unified model algorithm,the high-order cu
    12  Transient Analysis of a Micro Gyroscope
    TANG Hai-lin CHENG Yong-sheng SU Wei
    2004, 2(2).
    [Abstract](4286) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](46) [Cited by](7)
    The relationship among the sense and drive resonant frequencies and the mechanical sensitivity,stability,phase shift is studied through utilizing the electrostatic negative spring of sensing voltage to adjust the frequency in this paper.The optimal perfor
    13  Design Improvement and Implementation of Authentication Technology Based on OTP
    SUI Zhe FANG Yong LI Min LIU Lin-chao
    2005, 3(4).
    [Abstract](4649) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](48) [Cited by](7)
    To make authentication work more effective is an important subject in network safety.In this paper,the security of the One Time Password(OTP) is analyzed,the working mechanism of one advanced OTP is presented;the reformative OTP authentication system by P
    14  Application of DSP/BIOS in Video Processing Based on DM642
    HE Wei CHEN Bin ZHANG Ling
    2006, 4(1).
    [Abstract](4955) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](55) [Cited by](7)
    The development of video processing is complex on DSP generally. In order to improve the performance of the application program and reduce the time of development, the DSP/B1OS multi-threading by DSP/BIOS kernel and the TMS320DM642 are introduced. By this
    15  Status Quo and Development of Stream Cipher
    LUO Qi-bin ZHANG Jian
    2006, 4(1).
    [Abstract](4785) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](57) [Cited by](7)
    Technologies of cryptography, especially encryption technologies are the core of information security. At first, the principle and category of stream cipher is introduced briefly, then its designing rule and the testing criterion are addressed. Furthermor
    16  A Simple and Fast Image Skeleton Transform
    ZHANG Ruo-wen TENG Qi-zhi SUN Xiao-gang LONG Jianzhong
    2003, 1(1).
    [Abstract](12692) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](259) [Cited by](6)
    Skeleton transform is an important operation in digital image processing. The existing methods for skeleton transform are either complicated or time consumed, so a simple and fast method is presented. It uses a landing and taking-off method to implement 2
    17  Research on the Architecture of the Software Radio
    CHEN Da-hai ZHANG Jian XIANG Jin-cheng
    2003, 1(4).
    [Abstract](3758) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](26) [Cited by](6)
    The architecture of the software radio, including the software and hardware architecture, is one of the key techniques which realize the software radio. In this paper, some applied software and hardware architectures are discussed in detail, in addition,
    18  Design and Implementation of Local Cryptosystem
    YIN Xian-dong LI Zai-ming YAO Jun TANG Dan DENG Jun
    2004, 2(1).
    [Abstract](4023) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](42) [Cited by](6)
    Some video information on the site would transport to the long-distance supervisory and control center in some special applications in recent years.There have some sensitive information or classified information in the video,which need to be protected. A
    19  Current Status and Developing Tendency for High Frequency Communications
    DONG Bin-hong LI Shao-qian
    2007, 5(1).
    [Abstract](4744) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](55) [Cited by](6)
    High frequency(HF) communications play an important role in the field of their communications because of their skywave propagation characteristics.In this paper,two advanced HF radios are selected to introduce the current status for HF communications.Afte
    20  Over-the-Horizen Radar and its Air-defense Application
    WU Xiao-jin XIE Shi-fu
    2003, 1(2).
    [Abstract](3731) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](44) [Cited by](5)
    Based on the analysis of the advantages of the Over-the-Horizon Radar(OTHR) in dealing with stealth target, low and very low-lever target, anti-radiation missile and electronic jamming, the OTHRs unique application in the modern air-defense system and its

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