A high-speed adjustable model of digital Low Drop Out regulators based on PI controller

School of Electronic Information and Control Engineering,Beijing University of Technology,Beijing 100124,China


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    The Digital Low Drop-Out(DLDO) regulators are widely used because it can operate at low supply voltage. In the DLDO regulators, the Analog-Digital-Converter and shift register are employed to regulate the voltage. However, when the load has a transient voltage change, it will be stabilized for a long time. In addition, in the PI control system, the circuit with a large integral coefficient has a short setup time, but overshoot will occur before the output is stable. Although the output of the model with a small integration coefficient can be directly stabilized, the setup time is too long. A high-speed adjustable circuit model is proposed, using a voltage sensor and a Time Digital Converter(TDC), and adding two kinds of integrators with different integral coefficients into the circuit. Firstly, the voltage sensor and Time Digital Conversion Technology(TDCT) are utilized to realize the analog-to-digital conversion to obtain the digital signal. When judging the error of digital signal compared with the reference voltage to be large, the control circuit chooses large integral coefficient to output to PI control. When the error is small, the control circuit chooses small integral coefficient, so that the circuit can combine the advantages of the circuits with different integral coefficients to shorten the circuit setup time and the stabilization time at the same time.

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吕生平,耿嘉蓉,张洪达,陈志杰.一种基于 PI 控制的数字低压差稳压器高速可调节模型[J]. Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology ,2023,21(8):1059~1064

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