A differentiated fault recovery mechanism for power line carrier communication based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching

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    Power line carrier communication is a new effective communication method for a wide range of Device to Device(D2D) data exchange and communication applications, which bears the advantages of free deployment and easy direct connection. However, due to the communication congestion or electric power interference, different kinds of failures are often caused in the actual system. An efficient recovery mechanism is necessary to ensure reliable data transmission. By introducing Multi-Protocol Label Switching(MPLS) technology, a novel power line carrier communication distinguishable fault recovery algorithm, Diff-RECV, is proposed. While considering different survivability Quality of Service(QoS) requirements, by combining protection and recovery mechanism with multipath recovery mechanism, differentiated traffic protection and recovery are realized. The proposed Diff-RECV algorithm is verified by experiments. The results show that it can not only recover 100% traffic, but also has higher recovery speed than spread method.

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李飞,申洪涛,史轮,王鸿玺,高波.一种基于MPLS的电力线载波通信可区分故障恢复机制[J]. Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology ,2023,21(8):997~1001

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