PV power supply structure and application of 5G-R base station

Electrification & Telegraphy Engineering Design Research Department,China Railway Design Corporation,Tianjin 300308,China


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    According to the characteristics of dense layout and high power consumption of the 5th Generation mobile communication technology-Railway(5G-R) base stations, combined with the requirements of railway wireless communication system, the Photo-Voltaic(PV) power supply application scheme of 5G-R Remote Radio Unit(RRU) equipment is studied. By comparing and analyzing the daily power consumption of 5G-R RRU equipment and the daily power generation of solar cells, the power supply system using PV power combined with storage and external power supply is determined. By comparing the economy and reliability of several combined power supply structures of PV power and external power supply, the power supply structure switching on the Direct Current(DC) side is recommended, and the PV power supply application using DC side intelligent power distribution is proposed. In this study, while ensuring the safe and reliable operation of 5G-R system, the energy saving of railway 5G-R system is realized by using PV power supply.

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赵耀.铁路5G-R基站太阳能供电架构及应用[J]. Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology ,2022,20(8):775~780

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