Research on high-speed maglev train-ground wireless communication technology

1.National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation Operation and Control System,Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044,China;2.Institute of Electrical and Telecommunication,China Railway Design Group Co.,Ltd, Tianjin 300308,China


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    High-speed maglev trains will be very competitive ground transportation tools in the future because of their high speed and convenience. However, high-speed maglev train-ground communication faces the Doppler effect caused by high-speed motion, frequent handovers, high real-time transmission requirements, and the requirements of carrying multiple services. In this paper, the adaptability of common civil communication and railway subway communication technologies such as Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN), 38 GHz millimeter wave and Long Term Evolution-Metro(LTE-M)/5G in high-speed maglev system is studied, and the analysis on the application of these communication technologies in the train-ground communication environment of high-speed maglev system is carried out. The direction and technical route of how to improve and apply these communication technologies are put forward.

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周梓博,于行健,蒋海林,赵红礼,彭良勇.高速磁悬浮列车车地无线通信技术的探讨[J]. Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology ,2022,20(8):754~761

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