Millimeter wave transmission measurement system in particulate environments

1.State Key Laboratory of Complex Electromagnetic Environment Effects on Electronics and Information System, Luoyang Henan 471003,China;2.School of Physics and Electronic Information,Anhui Normal University,Wuhu Anhui 241002,China


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    Millimeter wave transmission in particulate environment is a fundamental topic in the communication community. In order to make controllable measurement, a dual-reflector Gaussian beam transmission system is designed based on the quasi-optical theory. This system consists of a pair of multi-flare angle horns, and two ellipsoidal focusing reflectors. The multi-flare angle horns are employed to generate Gaussian beam with 96% Gaussianity, and the focusing reflectors transform the incident beam to be identical to the input beam. In addition, the measurement on the system loss is conducted in the range of 75~110 GHz by using a vector network analyzer and extenders. It is found that the system loss is in the range of 2~4 dB, showing a satisfactory transmission performance. The preliminary study on water-spraying paves the way for future controllable measurement.

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杨晓帆,曾勇虎,刘小明.毫米波雨雾颗粒环境传输测量系统[J]. Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology ,2022,20(5):424~430

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